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Using Data to Create Better Lead Gen Emails

As consumers, we’ve all had experiences where personalized email marketing has gone too far. When a stranger references how long you’ve been with your company, where you went to school, or the fact that your team is currently embarking on a new project, a simple email can make you feel like you’re living out a scene from Orwell’s 1984. This is where a marketing campaign takes a giant leap over the line from personalized to creepy.

But there is a level of effectiveness that comes with personalized strategies. In fact, we always recommend developing your campaigns based on a strategic buyer persona. For marketers, the question comes back to this - where is the line? How do we maximize effectiveness and position ourselves as a viable solution to our consumers problems? How do we incorporate personalization without feeling like Big Brother? Sapper CEO Jeff Winters explores this topic in "Using Data to Create Better Lead-generating Emails" - a recent article by Smart Insights

“When these hyper-personalized emails miss the mark, they aren’t just ineffective, they’re downright unsettling. According to a RichRelevance study, despite mostly enjoying personalized experiences from brands, up to 75% of US consumers deemed most forms of personalized business communications “at least somewhat creepy.”

While it’s vital to understand your market, your prospect data should act as a north star in your strategy, not necessarily as reference points in your direct outreach. To read the full article, click here.

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