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Sapper CEO Discusses How to Prepare for the Next Crisis on Forbes

The COVID-19 crisis has brought an ongoing sense of uncertainty to our lives. While we are all focused on adapting, this will not be the last crisis to overcome. In a recent article by Forbes, "COVID-19 Won't be the Last Crisis - These Entrepreneurs Discuss How to Prepare for the Next One".

10 entrepreneurs - including our CEO and Founder, Jeff Winters - discuss how to prepare for the worst - 

“If a certain problem arises, we ‘break the glass’ and pull the corresponding playbook off the shelf,” Winters says. Problems might include the departure of a major client, a key employee quitting, customer acquisition struggles, or even a physical security issue.

Winters recognizes the importance of a contingency plan, but he cautions against trying to insulate yourself from every possible risk. “You can't plan for all scenarios," he says, "so you have to be reasonable.” In any case, a proactive approach is better than a reactive one."

From small businesses to major corporations, COVID-19 has made an impact. While we cannot go back in time, we can learn from this crisis and continue to prepare our companies to overcome future obstacles. To learn more on crisis management from entrepreneurs, read the full article here.