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Sapper Included in Inc. 5000's 2018 List

Since being founded in 2014, Sapper has grown by leaps and bounds. With gale wind-like force, the company has expanded by 1939% in the last three years alone. We have seen our ...

5 Steps to Winning Your Sales Meeting in the First 13 Minutes

Originally shared in December of 2016 on EyesOnSales.com, this article was written by our CEO, Jeff Winters. The original sales superstar of Sapper Consulting, Winters ...

Winning New Clients with The #1 Resource: Email Lead Generation

  Originally shared in June of 2017, this blog post we've shared about what makes Sapper Consulting so successful has been a big hit. We wanted to re-share the wealth of ...

How To Create Content That Cuts Through The Social Media Noise

Our Creative Director Ryan Myers was featured in an article on Forbes.com last week, and we wanted to share his wisdom on our blog as well. Addressing how to create content ...

How to Perfect Your Follow-Up Emails

There’s something you need to know about crafting the perfect follow-up email after meeting or contacting a client. Ready? One email isn’t going to cut it.

How to Cater to Your Family of Social Media Audiences

If you’re anything like me, you share things on different social media channels the same way you tell stories to different members of your family. For example, if you’re ...

The Dos and Don’ts of Engaging Your Lead in Person

We’ve all been caught in a tricky text thread, the kind where you absentmindedly respond to a friend’s question with a simple “OK” and then suddenly find yourself getting the ...

What Successful Cold Email Campaigns Have in Common

Landing sales meetings from a cold email exchange takes persistence and a data-driven approach to crafting the right messages and responses. For example, did you know that ...

Lessons from Sales Consultants: 4 Creative Ways to Motivate Your Sales Team

 It doesn’t matter whether you’re the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys or managing a 2-person startup: the key to good leadership is understanding how to properly motivate your ...

Cold Calling 101: Advantages and Disadvantages

Cold Calling 101: Advantages & Disadvantages
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