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How to Stay Focused on your "Why" During COVID-19

After 30+ days in quarantine, major economic impact, and complete overhaul of what was considered ‘normal’, I think it’s safe to say we’re all feeling the weight of it. The initial adrenaline is wearing off and you might be feeling discouraged, wondering how long these circumstances will last. While we’re all striving to maintain a personal standard for ourselves, now is the time to connect back to your why, motivate your team, and support your clients.

So how do we stay focused on our Why at Sapper Consulting?

Welcome to the #ComeOn Channel, where we celebrate our clients, root on our team, and brag about our wins. We have an entire Slack channel dedicated to this practice so we can stay focused on our Why. We hustle, we sprint, and we adapt so we can keep our promise to our clients.

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Times are tough and we’re all impacted differently but our focus never waivers; when our clients win, we win.

The premise of the #ComeOn Channel is simple; when one of our client success managers hears of a hot lead or closed deal for a client, they post it in the channel. This practice is more important now than ever before. It keeps our team focused on the real impact of our hard work.

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Something as simple as a Slack channel has continued to motivate our lead generation team while celebrating our clients and our coworkers. We are committed to performing for our clients, especially in uncertain times. When it can seem like the odds are against you, the wins feel even sweeter. With our Why in mind, we can move past waves of discouragement and struggle and do what we came here to do : win.