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Case Study : Developing Pipeline in a New Territory

By Ellie Howard on Jan 11, 2021 12:50:25 PM

Kevin Conklin, VP of Learning Solutions at Eagle’s flight, utilized Sapper to build a sales pipeline when starting in a new territory. Since Conklin had partnered with Sapper while at a previous company, he already knew Sapper’s ability to connect with qualified leads.

Eagle’s flight offers a dynamic approach to employee training through experiential learning. Rather than spending his resources in reaching out to LinkedIn connections or taking rounds at conferences (which 2020 made impossible), Conklin offloaded lead generation to Sapper.

“The massive value of Sapper to me, is that you can be doing other things and then all of a sudden you get a message that you have a meeting with a Sapper lead. It definitely frees you up to do other things. When you’re getting these leads, it's like Christmas. It’s great.”

Even with unlimited resources, lead generation demands more finesse than simply emailing prospects. Your unique offering requires strategy to cut through the noise of your competitors. From defining your key differentiators to identifying your prospects’ pain points, Sapper utilizes data, iteration, and innovation to connect you with qualified prospects.

To read more about the results of Eagle’s Flight, as well as Sapper’s unique approach to lead generation, click here.

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