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Country Club Memberships Aren't Enough to Grow Your P&C Insurance Business

Securing quality appointments to sell P&C insurance is hard. It's hard because the incumbent is the decision maker’s brother-in-law’s golf buddy. It's hard because the space is ...

What Top Lead Generation Companies Do That Others Don't

 There's good lead generation, and then there's great. (Let's not even bother with bad because who has time for that?) So, how do you know if the one you're considering is one ...

Congrats! You’re a Project Manager (Even if You’re Not)

Understanding exactly where your skills end and the skills of others begin is crucial in a business culture obsessed with speed.

5 Questions to Ask When Evaluating a Lead Generation Company

TL;DR - Ask that company: “How many leads end up in closed deals?” and work backwards from there.

B2B Leads and the Email Wild West

Lead generation in the B2B space is full of gold mines, quick shots, grifters, fancy tools, and lots of carnage. Ok, maybe it’s more like open rates, click-through percentages, ...

The Difference Between Lead Generation and Customer Acquisition

Are you acquiring customers or just generating leads? While these two ideas are closely related, it is important to distinguish between them. Not doing so can cost you a lot of ...
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