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How to Write Marketing Emails for Pandemic-Era Prospects in 2021: A Guide

This article was originally published on MarketingTech on February 2, 2021.  By now, you’ve likely heard that people are spending more time online. This isn’t a surprise, ...

Losing clients? Why You Need to Reinvest in Marketing

COVID-19’s impact on the economy spread through dozens of industries around the world, and those impacts continue to spread to suppliers, vendors, and services companies ...

Case Study : Sapper Creates 70% of Client's Yearly Sales

When it comes to selling managed services, success is all about expertise, stellar timing, and persistence.  At Sapper, we've optimized our lead generation strategy for MSPs ...

Are Low Quality Lists Impacting your Sales Pipeline?

Are Low Quality Lists Impacting your Sales Pipeline? When it comes to building a sales pipeline, there’s no substitute for a good prospect list. Pursuing unqualified leads is a ...

Case Study : Developing Pipeline in a New Territory

Kevin Conklin, VP of Learning Solutions at Eagle’s flight, utilized Sapper to build a sales pipeline when starting in a new territory. Since Conklin had partnered with Sapper ...

Case Study : Developing Pipeline During a Pandemic

If 2020 set back your financial goals, 2021 is your opportunity to get back on track, and even surpass your revenue quota. It all comes back to strategically filling your ...

The Missing Piece of Your Lead Generation Partnership

Lead generation is the persistent challenge for businesses. According to Hubspot Research, 61% of marketers say that generating leads is their biggest obstacle to success.

Ultimate Gift Guide for Sales Reps

The clock is ticking until the holidays are over and if you still don’t have a gift for your favorite salesperson, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve rounded up 7 amazing ...

Don't Let the Holidays Freeze your Sales Pipeline

The holidays can freeze your sales pipeline if you’re not careful.

Ultimate Gift Guide for Marketers

Not sure what to get your content writer, social strategist, or director of marketing? You can’t go wrong with techy gadgets or apps that spark creativity. We’ve rounded up a ...
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